Jamie Foxx Wants To Play Spawn: Agressively Seeking The Role



With Jame Foxx playing the villain Electro in Amazing Spider-Man 2, the actor may have picked up the comic book bug as he lets it be known he is aggressively pursuing Spawn.

Speaking with Movies.com, Jamie Foxx not only lets it be known he is interested in Spawn, but Mike Tyson as well.

“Spawn is one, yeah. And Mike Tyson,” Foxx offered “Those are two roles I would just love to do. I’m aggressively pursuing them.”

This isn’t the first we have heard of Foxx’s name attached to Spawn as previously producer Adi Shankar, the man behind the likes of The GreyMaching Gun PreacherJudge Dredd and the recent Thomas Jane Punisher short, stated that he would do a Spawn movie with or without Jamie Foxx involved.

Now thanks to the comments above it looks as if Foxx will indeed be involved in the Spawn movie.

Spawn was created by Todd McFarlane in 1992 when he left Marvel Comics to help form Image Comics, selling millions of copies in the process. The character of Al Simmons, a special ops agent, makes a deal with the devil becoming Spawn, a character some consider an amalgam between Spider-Man and Batman.

1997 saw the first live-action Spawn film starring Michael Jai White bring in just over $87 million at the box office on a $40 million budget.