James McAvoy Talks X-Men First-Class Sequel


In speaking with Total Film, James McAvoy reveals that the cast of X-Men: First Class has signed on to do sequels to the hit movie that brought in over $352 million worldwide.

“I’d be up for it. But the truth is I’m contractually obliged to be up for it because they made us all sign multiple picture deals!” McAvoy said.

As for what audiences could see with the sequel, McAvoy isn't giving anything up, but does state he has discussed ideas with director Matthew Vaughn.

“I’ve spoken to Matthew [Vaughn] about ideas, but I can’t tell you what they are because they may or may not be the story. One thing I liked about our one was that it was different from the other three films where the X-Men are the good guys, Wolverine’s figuring out who he is and Magneto is the bad guy.
“This was a completely different thing. Magneto wasn’t a bad guy, we were friends. We’re now set up to go back to the way the other movies are, so we’ve got to try to be cleverer than that.”