James Gunn Clarifies Recent Guardians of the Galaxy & Avengers Statements



James Gunn took to his Facebook page to clarify some articles various websites have been writing about him regarding statements made about the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Apparently said websites misquoted or misunderstood what James Gunn was trying to say. 

One misinformed website wrote that the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy would never team up; while another actually stated the opposite and wrote that Gunn said they were teaming up.

In truth, Gunn never meant either one.

You can read Gunn’s response below, which I feel is full of good news because the Guardians won’t be taking a backseat to the Avengers anytime soon (hopefully Marvel Comics takes note as well).

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 has a May 5, 2017 release.

Woke up the other day to two articles – one that announced I said the Avengers and the Guardians were never teaming up, another that said I said they were. These two articles were based ON THE SAME INTERVIEW (the podcast with Jeff Goldsmith). The truth is, I never said either of those things. I’m not going to tell anyone what happens to the Guardians, especially two or three movies down when who even knows if I’ll be around anymore. Whatever the case, there’s been a lot of anger around me – at me, from people defending me at others, and so on. And it’s all people who love Marvel, like me, and just want to see awesome and amazing and moving stories.

There are many more important things going on in the world right now, but this is clogging up my feed, so let me do my best to set the record straight. Perhaps sometimes I say things imperfectly, unclearly, or inelegantly. All I’ve ever tried to say was the Guardians are an important part of the MCU, and they definitely share an existence with the Avengers and other characters in the MCU. But the week after the movie opened I walked into the Marvel offices, and I sat down with Kevin Feige and some of the other folks at Marvel. We had a long discussion about where the Guardians were headed and what was happening to them. I told them exactly what I wanted to do with the sequel to Guardians, and everyone was on board and excited. And, regarding the bigger picture, we all agreed on one thing, and that was to keep huge chunks of the Guardians separate from the Marvel heroes of earth, because they have a whole galaxy to explore. We wanted to use them as a way to make the MCU bigger, not smaller. We wanted to make sure they have their own mythos, as opposed to only one that is intertwined with the earthbound characters. They ARE connected, of course, but that connection would not be the purpose of their stories and fictional lives.

When I’m asked about the Guardians and their future, and whether they’ll meet up with the Avengers I really don’t have all that much to say, because some of it isn’t decided yet, and I don’t want to give away what is decided. So I speak in these general terms. They aren’t things that I’m just saying on the spot, and they aren’t things that have been decided on by me alone. But they are sometimes incredibly general, and that can lead to those words being taken in a lot of different ways.

So, I’m sorry for all the different ways my words have been taken. Overall, we’ll just have to wait and see where the Guardians go, who they meet, and what they do in the MCU. But know that I love them and will take the best care of them I possibly can for as long as I’m around.

MORE IMPORTANTLY, I’m getting a lot of questions about the AA batteries in Quill’s Walkman, and how Quill’s Walkman can survive for so long.

GUYS, THEY HAVE THE ALIEN TECHNOLOGY TO TRAVEL FASTER THAN LIGHT BETWEEN PLANETS, I think they can figure out an alternative power source for the Walkman, and they likely also have technology to slow the degradation to the tape and player. This seems obvious to me.

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Happy holidays, James

Some additional comments by Gunn from replies to fans:

My comments have nothing to do with me and everything to do with how Marvel and I see Guardians as a whole. Again, I mean who even knows how long I’ll be around the property? But I still love Marvel Cosmic and want to see it thrive in the long run.

Regarding Dave Bautista stating he is in Avengers 3:

Everyone knows Dave and I are great pals. Dave is one of my favorite people in the world. But he was speaking offhand in an interview, as we both often do, and he doesn’t know whether he’s going to be in A3 or not. Sorry.


99% of people missed the fuss, so I felt strange even posting about it. But I was getting enough tweets, etc, about it, that I thought I’d say something.