James Corden Doesn’t Like Marvel Or The Avengers



36-year-old British actor James Corden has some unkind words for Marvel and fans of The Avengers.

He thinks we all need to grow up.

“I don’t think I’m talking myself out of a big Marvel franchise. I don’t think it’s coming anytime round the corner, but I do find that whole notion of it odd,” Corden told Metro. “I just think, how much of your day are you acting? How much are you getting to act? Like, really, genuinely? If you’re an actor and you’re in those movies, what is your day’s acting? I find it strange.” 

Corden is known for playing Craig Owens in Doctor Who and also stars in Into The Woods, out on December 25th, which is a musical about Cinderella.

“I spend almost no time thinking about The Avengers,” Corden continued. “I literally could not spend less of my day thinking about it, and I’m constantly amazed by the volume of adults who do. Each to their own, and I wish them well, but I mean it’s preposterous.”

James Corden is also taking over for Craig Ferguson on “The Late Late Show” starting in March.