Review: Irredeemable #35


 If you’re a fan of superheroes and you’re looking for a book that takes a bold new direction every month it’s released, then you have to start reading Irredeemable. Mark Waid has taken his epic tale of a hero gone bad and spun it into a whole new realm of comic book lore. Even fans of Irredeemable that have been following it closely thus far will find shocks and awe in this issue as the motives of Modeus, who has remained a big mystery through most of the series, are finally fully revealed to the readers.

The writing and action in this issue kept my attention and had me flipping every page like an excited little kid. The Plutonian is in a very strange spot in his character arc and it’s going to be a big event to watch his motivations and plans unfold as he deals with the new threat against him and the Earth. With Qubit planning his own masterful scheme to redeem The Plutonian and stop the harmful radiation from killing nearly all of human life, the story can really go either way at this point. It’s the kind of thing you want from most superhero comics, but it’s the kind of story that the big publishers would be too afraid to do with their established characters.

The art in this issue was incredibly lively and jumped off of every page. You can feel every explosion and every punch that’s delivered between the characters. There’s also some incredibly beautiful spreads and panels that have all the makings of a blockbuster movie and bring about the kind of inventive storytelling that only comics can offer. Kudos to Diego Barreto for delivering an issue that isn’t just high concept, but also high quality.

There have been some words flying around the net that this series might be coming to a close soon, as well as Incorruptible. I’m not sure if that’s true, but rest assured when it does end you’re going to want to be there to see it all unfold. If this issue is any indication as to the endgame that Waid has in mind, then you can consider me completely on board.