Iron Man 3: Shane Black to Write and Details



Last month we learned that Shane Black will be helming Iron Man 3, but no writer was attached; however Black did express an interest in writing.

Now it has been confirmed, via AICN, that Shane Black will be the writer on Iron Man 3.

Shane Black attended the 2011 Omaha Film Festival and commented on the third Iron Man film.

According to Black (or at least AICN) Marvel Studios was not happy with Iron Man 2 and ‘Iron Man 3 will not be another “two men in iron suits fighting each other” film.’

Well, from my understanding, it was Marvel Studios who wanted IM2 to go in that direction in the first place – and the reason behind IM and IM2 director Jon Favreau’s departure.


It’s said that Iron Man 3, “will be more like a Tom Clancy-thriller, with Iron Man fighting real world villians.”

As expected, Black also stated that IM3 will be made after The Avengers – but with no super hero guest stars. The studios is only doing “cross-over” characters leading up to The Avengers, and after, “the plan is to go back to self-contained single-character stories.”