Iron Man 3 Alternate Fate For The Ben Kingsley Mandarin Revealed (Video)



Storyboard artist Federico D’Alessandro has released a batch of Iron Man 3 animatics with one revealing an alternate fate for the Ben Kingsley Mandarin.

Spoilers follow.

As we all know, Ben Kingsley was actually a hired actor by the name of Trevor Slattery who ended up being hauled off to jail after Tony and Rhodey discovered the ruse.

In Federico D’Alessandro’s Iron Man 3 storyboard animatic, things get a little more explosive for Slattery.

The other two animatics feature James Rhodes running away, and Tony Stark vs. Killian with the armors letting loose.

The Iron Man 3 Blu-Ray hits September 24th which includes additional footage not previously seen (note: the animatrics are not on the Blu-Ray).

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