Interview: Who Wants To Be a Supervillain? Dominic Pace Does.


Does Dominic Pace have what it takes to take on the Man of Steel? 

With DC Comics and Warner Bros. announcing a new Superman movie with Zack Snyder as the director, and Christopher Nolan acting as a producer in some capacity, Pace is spreading the word that their search for Lex Luthor is over. 

With some amazing photographs, Pace dressed like Lex Luthor and looked as if he stepped out of an Alex Ross painting. He is hoping the pictures will generate at least an audition for the creators of the new Superman movie. 

Pace spoke with Cosmic Book News about his dream of playing the “greatest criminal mastermind in the world.” 

With a resume that boasts of Desperate Housewives, NCIS and Prison Break, Pace has shown he has what it takes.

Cosmic Book News: Right now, you are getting attention (in a subtle way) to let the "powers that be" know you are interested in playing Lex Luthor, what inspired this?

Dominic Pace: The inspiration was a combination of things this happened this past summer.

The first was the announcement that Superman, as a movie, would be revamped.

The second was the discovery of photographer Eric Curtis.

He shot several celebrities, and he was working on an Art Showcase of Fallen Superheros. While, I had no part in his showcase, I was inspired by his style. I already had new head shots taken, so I wanted the Curtis shoot to be solely artistic, and specifically directed towards a 'pitch' for Luthor and my agents loved the idea.

During the shoot, I felt comfortable with Curtis, and I began to find the character (or how I would play Luthor). I believe there are many dimensions to Luther specifically and many of which cannot be played out for obvious reasons in the real world, but when I tapped into that, it was an incredible sensation.

Almost addicting in a way.

Cosmic Book News: Most kids growing up will put a towel around their neck and pretend to be Superman, why are you wanting to pretend to be Lex Luthor?

Dominic Pace: As much as we, the artists/movie goers root for the protagonist, I believe many of us, through our life experiences, can somehow relate to the villain even more.

Whether in life, or in the acting field, there are so many self-help gurus who teach you how to stay positive, keep “'happy,” and smile, but we all seem to ignore the more primal parts of our nature (and many for good reason) but in artistic expression, it is safe to play out.

When I was introduced to acting at a young age, I found a safe “out” and I feel that characters like Luthor come from something painful, negative, or hurtful.

I would further say something that has caused them to become what they have and I feel a very close connection to that and I would be fearless in expressing it.

Cosmic Book News: Should you get the role, what could bring differently to the role than say Gene Hackman, Kevin Spacey or Clancy Brown?

Dominic Pace: First, let me say that I have nothing but the utmost respect for each actor, I would say it would be more similar to the Superman Cartoon version of Luthor, than that of Hackman or Spacey.

Both of their characters seem a lot more likable than I would choose to make Luthor. But I would not forget the importance of his public image, which seems prevalent in many different versions so far.

Personally, I would bring more of a “comic book/graphic novel” version of Luthor to the role, without losing sight of his public image and I would love to tap into the darker, more menacing side of him.

Cosmic Book News: Were you a comic book fan?
Dominic Pace: I wouldn't consider myself a comic book fan, but rather, a superhero/sci-fi fan. The greatest influence on me as a kid in this regard, was Star Wars, specifically Empire Strikes Back.

The experience of being crammed into a packed movie theater in 1980 as a 5 year-old was larger than life.

But I've always loved the superhero genre as well, but more through the eye of features as opposed to comics and that is predominantly owed to brilliant performances like the one of Christopher Reeves and Hackman.

Cosmic Book News: How did you get into acting?

Dominic Pace: I got into acting when I was 16 as I starred in my high school musical, “Grease.” The feeling even then was electric and its been a life long addiction.

Cosmic Book News: You have been in some pretty impressive shows like “Desperate Housewives,” “Angel,” “NCIS,” and “Prison Break,” I noticed you play the toughs of sorts, do you want to expand your portfolio?

Dominic Pace: Regarding my television credits, I'm very thankful to be specified into a specific type and I have many friends who pursue the business as well, and don't fall into any category.

However, those roles do not define me entirely.

When you're not the star of a show, or a decent guest star, you're usually a one dimensional prop in order to help the show along.

It’s difficult to really spread your wings as an artist when that happens and it is what it is, and I'm not upset by it, but I wouldn't classify any of my television work as a strong pitch for Luthor, as I see something with much more depth and colors.

Cosmic Book News: When you act, how  do you get into character? For instance, if the script calls for you to react in a surprised why, do you just pretend, or do you go with the method of "remember something that shocked you and use that?"

Dominic Pace: I would not consider myself a method actor, but at the same time, if I did a talk show and someone told me to do Luthor at the drop of hat, I wouldn't be able to.

Everything has to be organic when you're in the moment and if you're 'aware' of yourself, no matter what choice you make, it will most likely look like crap.

The key for me would be a significant amount of preparation before you actually perform. If an actor does their homework of the character, then you're free to be spontaneous and organic in the given imaginary universe.

Marlon Brando [Jor-El in Superman: The Movie] never memorized his lines. He even used Cue Cards for his role as Jor El, but because he was so in tune with the definition of his character, even cue cards couldn't stop how free he was with every performance.

If you plan how you'll react to something in a scene, it will look like crap and from my background in acting, I use a lot from what the other actor gives me as well as strong character preparation.

Cosmic Book News: What do you have in the future fans can keep an eye out for?

Dominic Pace: Right now, my agents have been targeting The Cape.

But right now fans can visit my Facebook page to help spread the word. They can visit it here.

Cosmic Book News: Thanks, Dominic! Good luck!

Dominic Pace: Thank you, it’s been fun.

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