The Divine Ride Begins: “Genecy” Interview with Gerald Cooper



While the cosmic comics action at DC heats up and the same seems on a cooling cycle at Marvel, we staffers of Cosmic Book News in our offices on the Knowhere base have been “marveling” at some great work in the Indies that are ongoing.

Case in point: Genecy. Written by Gerald Cooper and published by InVision Comics, the first issue is beautifully brought to life by Brazilian artist Eddy Barrows (Birds of Prey, Superman).

To find out the secrets behind this new cosmic opus, CBN talked to the man himself: creator/writer Gerald Cooper. Here are some of the thoughts he shared with us.

Cosmic Book News: Where did you get the concept for Genecy? Is this one of those stories that rose out of your mind from sci-fi books, comics, etc. you have read or seen? Or is this one of those “I have a great idea and need to do my own comic” type of moments?   

Gerald Cooper: Wow, good question! Well, let’s see here … all of the above! If you eat on science fiction from birth and get a couple of experiences in life, these amazing ideas just start popping up in your head, and then there’s this great need to share them with everyone!
Cosmic Book News: Can you see already in what direction you are sending Kaizaxx? How far out is your story plotted in relation to his adventure?    

Gerald Cooper: I’ve written the first 14 issues. It’s amazing how a story can write itself. Whenever that happens, the writer becomes a fan like everyone else.



Cosmic Book News: Is Genecy more an example of “God and Man together in one form,” as some writers interpret Marvel’s Thor; “God and Man are one,” as could be deemed the case with Billy Batson and the original Captain Marvel; or “God and Man share a condo,” as was the case in the old Japanese TV series, Ultraman?    

Gerald Cooper: Think of Conan becoming the Silver Surfer. Whatever category that falls under.
Cosmic Book News: [Laughs]

We are very stoked about how Kaizaxx might use this new power, what type of cosmic being he will be and how he will exact revenge against the Grunnod. Any spoilers or teases?    

Gerald Cooper: Well, right now he has one goal. He wants to free his people from the Grunnodian Empire. He doesn’t care about the way you feel about him or his mission. Right now, if you get in his way … Genecy will kill you. But with that mentality, what’s more important: freeing your people or killing the entire Grunnodian race?
Cosmic Book News: How did Eddy Barrows come to be the artist on this story? What was it like working with such a talented artist?    

Gerald Cooper: I obviously found him before DC did by searching the face of this planet for an artist through the internet. I’ve an eye for talent! Diego Bernard grabs the wheel from issue # 2 on. Trust me when I say that Diego Bernard is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!



CBN: Many cosmic fans seem to prefer mute tones in their space opera, but the color palate by Tim Ogul and Oren Kramek blew our minds! We simply loved those vivid tones when set against the blackness of space. Does this set the pace for the seeming adventurous quality of the series, as opposed to, say, sword and sorcery or space opera?    

Gerald Cooper: This takes me back to your first question. There is so much for me to pull from. So many ingredients to cook with. So many areas that haven’t been touched correctly. Pacing is always an issue and I’ve found a wonderful tempo to dance with. The platform for this cosmic theatre is very grand … so get ready!

Cosmic Book News: Speaking of sword and sorcery, there were some very definite Howard-esque tones in parts of the adventure. Is Conan’s creator one of your influences, and who are some others, either of a later day or contemporaries in the sci-fi/cosmic comics field?    

Gerald Cooper: Well you hit one of ’em already! There’s also my dad, Stan (The Man) Lee and all of my uncles: Niven, Tolkien, Wells, Asimov, Starlin, Chopra, Kirby, Lewis, Vonnegut, Byrne, Roddenberry, Wolfman, Simonson, Hubbard and lot more!



Cosmic Book News: Wow, that is quite a family tree, sir! [Laughs]

Now, what can you tell us about the next issue of Genecy?

Gerald Cooper: Genecy #2 starts right where issue #1 left off. After a few aftershocks and surprises, we get into the head of Kaizaxx a little bit. To top it off, we have a surprise ending. There’s also an 8-page short story in the back that explains what life was like for Kaizaxx prior to becoming Genecy. Think of Roots and Schindler’s List. Kaizaxx never had one good day in his life. He’s very feral and his future experiences will mold him into something far better than what he presently is. So brace yourself and check your cholesterol! There’s an amazing adventure that awaits Kaizaxx … and you! Let the Ride Divine begin!

Cosmic Book News: Thank you for your time, and good luck with Genecy.

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