Alternative Comics Beat: Interesting Drug


Alt Beat

By Ken Porter


Interesting Drug


Written by: Shaun Manning

Art By: Anna Wieszczyk

Published by: Archaia


Time travel and drugs

Time travel stories are nothing new, especially in comics. Tackling that subject takes a unique spin, and interesting story, and the know-how to pull it off. Shaun Manning and Anna Wieszczyk not only tackle it, they go the full nine yards.

Interesting Drug takes the concept of time travel down a path of addiction and dealing that I’ve never seen in the genre. Instead of the travel method being a fanciful car or a piece of high tech wizardry, the movement between time streams is all done with a pill that is just as addictive as the most powerful narcotics. As the story implies, nostalgia is something that can keep you coming back again and again.


The story

Andrew Smith is a Best Buy employee that would rather be doing anything else. When a mysterious stranger flat out tells him that he’s a time traveler and that they’ll eventually be best friends, he doesn’t believe him. But after seeing the drug in action Andrew soon finds his world becoming a whole lot more fantastical.

As Andrew helps his future friend perfect the drug, his personal life and his experiences with time travel take exciting turns in the present day. There’s a deeper mystery to where the drug came from and how it works. Andrew’s journey takes him onto a darker path and the danger becomes very real the more he learns about the pill he’s helping to create.


What makes this a great alternative?

Like I said, time travel stories are nothing new. So just being able to come up with an original concept is a really big deal. While that’s awesome and very enjoyable, the story still centers around Andrew and not the time travel plot device. The art by Wieszczyk is also something different and very striking, which is reason enough to leaf through this original graphic novel.

Who would like Interesting Drug?

Fans of time travel stories are a no-brainer. If I had to compare it to other comic book series I would say people who enjoy high-concept character books like Black Science can jump into this with the same kind of excitement. I think people who like TV shows like The Twilight Zone or The Outer Limits would enjoy this graphic novel as well.

Ken Porter is presently interning with Cosmic Book News and also writes comic books including “Ink Ribbon” from Visionary Comics. Ken was also the winner of last year’s Top Cow Talent Search contest and was recently published in “Artifacts” #33.