Infinity #3 Review (Marvel)


Another great issue from Jonathan Hickman, Jerome Opena, Dustin Weaver and Justin Ponsor. I might as well throw in the editing team because I like to bug Tom Brevoort about the sorry state of Marvel Cosmic; however, Infinity has been just about as far from sorry as you can get (where’s Quasar?!).

Infinity #3 follows the trend set by the two previous issues, which sees Hickman give us narration as the events unfold, in addition to dialogue by the main players. Some might complain that not enough is shown – i.e. it’s told – but I really like it as Hickman’s words are well thought out making the issue a great read. While the issue seems to be more of a set-up for things to come, especially regarding Thanos taking on Earth and Black Bolt, we do get some action out in space with Captain America and The Builders.

The issue sees civilizations fall and worlds brought to their knees, but not Captain America as he has a plan to get back at The Builders. Hickman doesn’t use an original idea, but it works as it shows Cap and crew to be the underdogs while The Builders seem to be over confident in their underestimation of everyone else. One problem I found, however, is that Hickman makes the Earth-centric force to look better than their alien counterparts. We see this with Ronan and Gladiator compared to Cap’s forces and Star Brand. I’m not complaining all that much, just an observation.

We also get a peek at Yondu’s people as Marvel has plans to re-introduce the character just in time for the Guardians of the Galaxy movie. Speaking of introducing, the events that take place with Thanos and Black Bolt on Attilan lead directly into this December and Matt Fraction’s Inhumans event and new ongoing. I also think Infinity #3 touches upon Age Of Ultron; though I didn’t read that, so can’t be too sure.

Not much can be said about the art that hasn’t been said before. It’s a gritty photo-realistic take perfect for a SF comic book such as this. 

Infinity is turning out to be the best Marvel event in a number of years and everything Marvel Cosmic fans have been asking for: It has a space-based approach with an Earth-centric focus. It’s just too bad the event is happening without Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy as those two series and Annihilation share similar tones with Infinity. Close but not quite there isn’t too bad, I suppose.