Infinity # 2 Spoiler And Is He…?




Infinity #2 hit today and Hickman provides another fabulous issue!

The final page reveals a big mystery and one that may have to do with the earlier “Is He” teaser.

Spoilers follow for Infinity#2.

Part of the issue takes up where New Avengers #9 left off with Black Bolt summoning the Illuminati.

Black Bolt summons them to a pocket universe where Black Bolt is able to talk.

BB tells the other members of the Illuminati he is going to have a show down with Thanos over the tribute, and hands over the Inhumans secret archive.

Well, what’s the big deal about that?

It’s a big deal because it contains what Thanos wants and the REAL reason Thanos came to Earth!

In the archive is the identity of Thanos‘ son!

And Thanos has come to Earth to kill him!

Infinity #3 hits September 18th, the same day the teaser hints at a big reveal…

(on a side note Marvel canceled the “Thanos: Son of Titan” series, maybe this is why)