Review: Incorruptible #30


The final issue of the sister series to Irredeemable has landed and picks up where the last issue left off. Max Damage has sent Coalville into a riot as the cloud of poisonous radiation moves its way across the globe to the last fully functioning civilization. As the chaos blooms around Damage, he makes a startling discovery about himself and his original oath to be incorruptible in the face of evil.

Though both series were very interesting in their approaches on the superhero and supervillain mythology, Incorruptible had always been more of the wild card. We had seen comics before where the Superman-like character had gone bad, but we’d never seen the Lex Luther type character turn to the side of good. Damage was a character that was always fun to read and always left us wanting more.

This final issue by Mark Waid and Damian Couceiro was definitely a quieter end to this part of the Irredeemable universe, and played more to Damage as a character instead of a pair of super-powered fists. It took the time in both the writing and the artwork to explore a newer and more relaxed side of Damage after the responsibilities of being the world’s newest hope had washed away from him. Incorruptible needed a more muted ending, because Damage really needed to learn to live in the gray and do the right thing because it was the correct choice, not because he had to. It completes the arc of the character while also showing that, if Plutonian hadn’t stopped the end of the world, that Damage would have stepped up to do it.

It’s sad to see this story come to an end, but it would be fun to check back in with Damage, Jailbait, and Alana sometime in the future. This series is worth a look if you missed it the first time.