Advanced Review: Incorruptible #26


In part four of the “Redemption” story arc we see the origin of Max Damage’s powers and his struggle to obtain balance in the world of The Plutonian. From the beginning people have questioned why Max Damage would go out of his way to become a hero after being its most notorious villain, but this issue grounds that fact in comic book logic that has gone unspoken in word balloons since the dawn of the Golden Age.

Waid’s writing in this issue is very character driven but it keeps the story moving at a fast and fluid pace. Max Damage has quickly become one of my favorite comic book characters and I’m surprised more people haven’t discovered him. He’s one of the more realistic superhero characters in terms of his train of thought and decision making abilities. It’s also really inventive to have his power fluctuate depending on how long he’s been awake.

Takara’s artwork has that cartoon and comic book feel that makes the characters lifelike and lets you feel every punch that Max Damage and The Plutonian dish out to one another. There’s a particularly wonderful fight scene that doubles as a hallucination that was really exciting to read and touching in terms of character, and Takara pulled it off really well.

This series and Irredeemable are what I consider to be BOOM! Studios’ flagship comic books. They’re always pushing the boundaries in terms of comic book lore and character development. When there’s a twist and turn in Incorruptible you’re going to feel it on the page right along with Max Damage and the other characters. This issue was particularly wonderful for world and character development, and I can’t wait to see where the story goes next. There’s really nothing else left to say except that you need to start reading this series as soon as possible.