IDW/DC Comics Star Trek and Legion Of Super-Heroes Crossover Begins


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First-Ever Star Trek® and
the Legion of Super-Heroes
Crossover Begins
The 23rd century and the 30th century collide in all-new series
from IDW and DC Entertainment
Debut issue in stores now
pic San Diego, CA (October 21, 2011) – IDW Publishing and DC Entertainment proudly announced the launch of STAR TREK/LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES #1, kicking off a six-issue monthly crossover adventure with the original Starship Enterprise and DC Comics’ Super Heroes. The Starship Enterprise has traveled across time and space on its five-year mission, but it is entering the DC Comics universe for the first time starting this week. STAR TREK/LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES is also the first collaboration between IDW and DC Comics’ Super Heroes.
STAR TREK/LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES tells the tale of the original crew of the Starship Enterprise, who beam down to a planet only to discover that the planet isn’t their intended destination, or even in the right universe. At the same time, a group of “Great Darkness Saga” Legionnaires inside a time sphere find themselves cast into the 23rd century, but it’s not the 23rd century as they know it, either. STAR TREK/LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES is a galaxy-spanning adventure that draws both teams together to face a menace that includes Khunds, Klingons, Borg, and other threats that aren’t quite as they should be. The egalitarian United Planets in one universe and a United Federation of Planets in another is now the Imperial Planets of Terra, a dark empire focused on war and conquest, and that’s just the beginning for this special series.


“Nothing like kicking off our first foray into DC Comics’ Super Heroes with a story that spans dimensions and centuries,” said Chris Ryall, IDW’s Chief Creative Officer/Editor-in-Chief and the lead editor on this crossover. “As a huge fan of both of these teams and the eras we’re playing with here, as well as an admirer of the talents involved with this tale, I couldn’t be happier.”
Weaving these disparate universes and characters into a dark, foreboding and mysterious saga is Eisner-nominated writer Chris Roberson (iZombie, Superman), with art by Jeffrey and Philip Moy, both of whom have tackled the Legion and Star Trek in other forms. Phil Jimenez, will provide covers for the entire series, while each issue will also feature variant covers from classic Legion of Super-Heroes artists such as Keith Giffen, Steve Lightle, and Mike Grell, as well as IDW mainstay and Best Artist Eisner-nominee Gabriel Rodriguez (LOCKE & KEY) and others.
“It’s great to be working with IDW on this ground-breaking new comic series that combines two beloved franchises, especially considering the history Star Trek comic books have both with DC Comics and my previous imprint, WildStorm,” stated Jim Lee, co-publisher of DC Entertainment. 


The STAR TREK/LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES series also offers a note of nostalgia for DC Comics and Star Trek, as that publisher produced the popular sci-fi comics under both the DC Comics banner in the ’80s and the WildStorm banner in the ’90s. Now, under IDW’s auspices, both the 23rd and the 30th centuries might never be the same after this new series is complete.
“Chris Roberson, who’s incredibly knowledgeable about both series, managed to not only weave both teams together into a clever story, but he also found a way to tie both universes together through a shared villain that fans will never expect to see,” added Ryall. “And the Moys bring a sense of dynamism and energy to not only the characters we know but also in the designs for some special merged-universe characters, too. Add to that the chance to work with guys I greatly admire on the series’ covers and you’ve really got the makings of something special here. I’m really happy that DC has been such a welcoming partner on the exciting things we’re going to do here.”  
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STAR TREK/LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES #1 (of 6, $3.99, 32 pages, full color) is now available in comic stores. Diamond order code AUG11 0312.
STAR TREK/LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES #2 (of 6, $3.99, 32 pages, full color) will be available in comic stores on November 19, 2011. Diamond order code SEP11 0293.
STAR TREK/LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES #3 (of 6, $3.99, 32 pages, full color) will be available in comic stores in January 2012.
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