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Hurricane Sandy To Delay Comic Book Shipments

Hurricane Sandy To Delay Comic Book Shipments

With Hurricane Sandy set to strike early on in the week, some comic shops may not be getting their comic book shipments on time.


MidTown Comics, centered in NYC, has already let the news be known that their shipments will not be arriving as scheduled.

SHIPPING ALERT: Orders will be delayed due to Hurricane Sandy.

Please note we do not currently know how much of a delay there will be as this will depend on the severity of the storm, the length of the city shutdown, and other factors. As always we will do our best to get all shipments out as best and as fast as possible.

Thank you and be safe!

As of now, we do not know what other areas of the country are affected, with the areas being hit by Hurricane Sandy along the East Coast being the most likely comic book stores that will see delays.

Hurricane Sandy is already responsible for over 3000 airline flights being delayed as well as closing the stock market and NYC transportation system.

The warm air of Hurricane Sandy from the south will meet with a Nor-Easter coming down from Canada which will bring rain, snow and high winds.

Check with your stores before heading out this week.

Be careful, folks!