Review: Hellblazer #296


John Constantine has been investigating a series of black magic murders. Each victim is killed, has his organs ripped out, and has words written above him or her on the wall in their blood. All of which points to Constantine.

Constantine investigation has brought him into the home of his estranged nephew, Finn. As Constantine trains Finn in the mystical arts, the mysterious threat reveals itself. But is Constantine ready for the amount of magic this new foe possesses?

Peter Milligan’s run on Hellblazer is continuing to be very entertaining. He mixes mystery, detective work, magic, and con-artist charm into every issue. Constantine feels genuine in each panel and can make readers laugh with the slightest bit of dialogue.

Giuseppe Camuncoli did the layouts for this issue and Stefano Landini did the finishes. The artwork continues the current character style, which has a very cartoon-like tone. It works well with the mixture of humor and horror, and it gives characters a chance to really emote when they need to.

Vertigo Comics has been publishing Hellblazer for decades. It’s good to know that fans and new readers can rest assured that it will continue to deliver some of the best characters and stories in comics.