Review: Hellblazer #293


John Constantine is no stranger to breaking promises. On his last trip to Hell, Constantine promised his sister Cheryl that he’d try to find her long lost son, all while crossing his fingers. He had no intention of looking for the lost member of the Constantine bloodline, but now that grizzly murders with black magic are filling the sewers of the city, Constantine thinks that his nephew might be looking for him instead.

Hellblazer is one of Vertigo’s longest running series and for good reason. Peter Milligan writes Constantine the same way Jamie Delano or Garth Ennis wrote him – as a crime noir character deep in the occult. The dynamic with Constantine and his wife Epiphany has been playing out really well, and it’s satisfying to see him with someone he can confide to in every issue.

How long she’ll last is another story, since it’s common knowledge that anyone close to Constantine doesn’t last very long.

Giuseppe Camuncoli has a very expressive style that fits Hellblazer and Constantine’s world while still having an impressive cartoon element. The eyes and expressions of characters are what really sell each panel. In every moment where Constantine is angry, smiling, or ready to vomit, is felt by the reader through the artwork.

Most audiences are only familiar with the film version of the character in Constantine, starring Keanu Reeves. While it’s not a horrible movie, it’s definitely not a faithful adaptation of the character or the Hellblazer franchise. If you love detective stories and urban occult or horror, this series is the go to material for any fan.