Hasbro To Challenge Marvel Entertainment With Finacing By JP Morgan



Hasbro has a few movie related success stories as well as a slew of future project in the works, and according to insiders, the toy giant wants to take on Disney’s Marvel Entertainment.

IndieWire reports that Hasbro is in talks with JP Morgan to acquire financing to build a rival to Marvel, and is looking to secure a distribution deal with a studio.

Michael Bay’s Transformers franchise has garnished Hasbro a pocket full of change, at just over a billion dollars, and Hasbro has the following movies in development as well:

”¢ Battleship, due out May 18th.

Ӣ G.I. Joe: Retaliation, due out June 29th.

”¢  A Ridley Scott-directed version of Monopoly.

”¢  A J.J. Abrams (Star Trek) produced Micronauts (at one time a Marvel Comics comic book).

”¢  A Will Smith version of Risk.

”¢  A Movie based off of Stretch Armstrong.

”¢  A Fourth Transformers movie.

In addition, Hasbro also has its own television station, The Hub.

Regarding Marvel Comics, nothing was mentioned about Hasbro attempting to enter the market, as it already does license various products to IDW Publishing.