Guillermo del Toro says ABC’s Hulk Not Related To Movies


picLast we heard any news in regards to the Incredible Hulk tv series for ABC, Guillermo del Toro said they just turned in an outline, did a re-write and were working on the pages.

With The Avengers being filmed, and the Green Goliatch seemingly set to explode(?!), will the new television show have anything to do with the string of Hulk movies or The Avengers-related franchise?

Guillermo del Toro says that won’t be the case, as they have a bit of creative freedom to go in the direction they wish, which is something he commented on with mention of a Swamp Thing movie previously, as well.

“We’ve had a long, long talk about that and we’ve been given license,” Guillermo del Toro told MTV. “Jeph Loeb is in the project. Pak’s Hulk is great. Loeb’s Hulk is great. There’s so many things in the Hulk universe that are powerful strands of narrative, that they know are being faithful to those strands, and the movies have their own continuity.”

For those worried about a “Hulk” succeeding in the television market, with less of a budget for special effects and such, del Toro mentions that is a concern, but if done right should work well.

“The trick with the Hulk is how do you accomodate the Hulk with a TV effects budget, and we are finding out ways around it,” he said. “It’s a tricky one to figure out in the model, but if we are successful at that, then you can go into it.”

ABC President Paul Lee stated the Hulk should be set to go next year, along with AKA Jessica Jones.