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Guardians of the Galaxy Passes Iron Man; 3rd Biggest Marvel Movie


Guardians of the Galaxy continues its success as it has now become Marvel Studios’ third biggest movie in the U.S.

With Guardians of the Galaxy now grossing about $319.1 million domestically, it has now passed Iron Man.

It’s tailing Marvel’s #2 movie in the U.S., Iron Man 3, by about $90 million.

The Avengers is the current bread winner for Marvel with a domestic gross of about $623.3 million.

To date, Guardians of the Galaxy has a worldwide gross of about $644.3 million, which gives it the fifth rank overall among Marvel Studios movies and sixth overall for Marvel comic book movies.

Guardians will pass by Thor 2 shortly and become the fourth best Marvel Studios movie as it’s just shy by about $10 million.

James Gunn is pretty excited by the news as well:

Via FB:

Awesome. 3rd biggest Marvel movie in the US, and biggest Marvel franchise starter ever. Thanks, guys! Happy Sunday!

Marvel has given Guardians of the Galaxy 2 a July 28, 2017 release.