Guardians of the Galaxy Movie To Face Annihilation Wave? “Cosmic Force Of Epic Proportions” Reveals Synopsis



Earlier, Disney announced that the James Gunn directed Guardians of the Galaxy movie will be released in 3D, and now we also get a small bit of the synopsis.

It reveals that the Guardians will be taking on a cosmic force of epic proportions.

Guardians of the Galaxy, based on the Marvel comic books of the same name, features an unlikely cast of characters who must team up in order to defeat a cosmic force of epic proportions. James Gunn will direct. In theaters August 1, 2014 in 3D.

Cosmic Book News was the first to inform you that the villain from the mid-credit scene featured in The Avengers movie, Thanos, The Mad Titan, will be appearing in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie as well as The Avengers 2, which fits the bill.

Could the synopsis be talking about  – not someone – but something else?

It’s interesting that the synopsis reads a “force” of “epic proportions” — could it mean an army?

Like an Annihilation Wave army?

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:5031:]]The Guardians of the Galaxy comic book that the movie and concept art seem to be based on sprang from a popular Marvel Comics Cosmic event known as Annihilation. Annihilus, the leading bug from the Negative Zone, led his Annihilation Wave into the Marvel Universe decimating billions (at a time when the Marvel heroes were fighting amongst themselves during Civil War).

Thanos played a prominent role seemingly befriending Annihilus, with the likes of Drax, Star-Lord, Gamora, and Richard Rider, Nova, defending and saving the entire universe.

However, it’s quite possible that Fox Studios may actually hold the rights to Annihilus, as he is primarily a Fantastic Four villain.

If that’s the case, the next best guess – if indeed it’s an army – would be the Badoon, the original foes of the original Guardians of the Galaxy. The original GoTG members were a rag-tag bunch from the future that assembled to save the future of the Earth — with the help of the Mighty Avengers.

The Guardians of the Galaxy movie opens August 1, 2014 directed by James Gunn.

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