Guardians of the Galaxy Movie Concept Art Merges With The Avengers Poster


When The Avengers movie was being promoted, Marvel released individual pieces of concept art for the Assemblers that when formed together created one giant poster.

Now, a user at Reedit (via Examiner) has taken the recently released San Diego Comic-Con Guardians of the Galaxy movie concept art, flipped it, and attached it to The Avengers movie poster.

While there has been some “photoshopping” done to combine the Guardians of the Galaxy art with the Black Widow art, the two do look awfully close even without the touch-ups.

Nice job!

And interestingly enough, the full size The Avengers movie concept art poster was revealed at last year’s San Diego Comic-Con.

Here’s the full size (opens in new window).



 No touch-ups: