Review: Green Wake #10


This is sadly the last issue of Green Wake as the creative team is moving on to different projects. But don’t let that put you off from checking out this issue or this series. The story comes to a conclusion, but in no way is it rushed or forced upon readers. It ends naturally and with all of the precision of a TV show finale. What was originally supposed to be a five issue mini-series blossomed into twice that many issues, and I’m glad that we got all of that extra content.

In this final issue we see Morely Mack final discover the strange secrets behind the town of Green Wake and we’re given a glimpse at some horrifying supernatural elements. All of this story reminds me of a much more magical version of Silent Hill, where fantasy and horror blend together into a fine liquid mesh. Mack’s ending isn’t the showiest in all of comic book storytelling, but it definitely resonates and gives us a sense of closure at the end of the title.

The artwork in this issue was truly something fun to behold. It had a very distinct and scratchy style that added to the beauty of simple panels and the terror of the more gruesome ones. I really enjoyed all of the scenes that were set near and in water, and the creature designs were out of this world.

It’s sad to see a great Image series end, but it ended well. When the whole series is collected it’ll be a must buy for anyone who loves the supernatural or horror comic book genre. It might have ended a little sooner than planned, but it still went out with a bang.