Green Lantern’s Martin Campell Helming Sci-fi Series “Blake’s 7” On Syfy


Amongst all the supernatural and reality-based shows that have recently appeared on the SyFy channel, we now have word that the “sci-fi” is getting put back into SyFy.

Martin Campell is directing an American version of the 1978 UK sci-fi series, Blake’s 7, with a script from Joe Pokaski (Heroes).

Campell, of course, is the helmer behind the Green Lantern movie and Casino Royale.

The original Blake’s 7, created by Dalek Doctor Who creator Terry Nation, ran for four seasons on British television. The series was set about 700 years in the future where aliens have taken over the Earth. Roj Blake, captured as a result of being a leader of a rebellion force, is sent off world to a penal colony. He escapes with the help of a band of fellow prisoners, acquiring advanced alien technology and an alien ship they dub “Liberator.”

From the original series: