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Green Lantern: Emerald Knights new Hal Jordan image still

Green Lantern: Emerald Knights new Hal Jordan image still


DC Blog The Source released a new image still to Green Lantern: Emerald Knights.

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About “Green Lantern: Emerald Knights”:

As the battle approaches, Hal Jordan (voiced by Nathan Fillion) mentors new recruit Arisia (Elisabeth Moss) in the history of the Green Lantern Corps, telling tales of Avra (the first Green Lantern) and several of Hal’s comrades, including Abin Sur, Kilowog, Laira and Mogo. In the end, Arisia must rise to the occasion to help Hal, Sinestro and the entire Green Lantern Corps save the universe from the destructive forces of Krona.  The cast also features actor/spoken word artist Henry Rollins, Jason Isaacs, legendary professional wrestler “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, Arnold Vosloo, Kelly Hu and Wade Williams.  Bruce Timm is executive producer, and the directors are Lauren Montgomery, Jay Oliva and Christopher Berkeley. Penned by comic book luminaries Geoff Johns, Dave Gibbons, Peter J. Tomasi, Eddie Berganza, Alan Burnett, Todd Casey and Michael Green & Marc Guggenheim, “Green Lantern: Emerald Knights” will be distributed June 7, 2011 by Warner Home Video as part of the build up to the release of the highly anticipated live action film, “Green Lantern,” in theatres June 17.

Check out the trailer: