Green Lantern #14 Features Justice League Vs. Baz


DC Comics released the cover to November’s Green Lantern #14 which features the Justice League taking on the new GL, Baz.

Regarding Baz, all we know is that he is featured on the cover to Green Lantern #0 with a gun and has Arabian tatoos.

Oh, and below we learn Hal Jordan disappears.

Question: Since the reboot, has Hal been GL at all?!

The issue is part of the “Rise of the Third Army” story, via The Source:

We’re going to be meeting a brand new Green Lantern in issue #0, and unlike his predecessors, he’s not the sort of guy you’d be expecting to wear the ring. That’s putting it mildly,” teased series editor Matt Idelson. “After the events of GREEN LANTERN ANNUAL #1, Hal Jordan is MIA in a very big way, and our new Green Lantern finds himself in a new role, though his troubled life isn’t going to go away in the slightest. In fact it’s the things he’s notorious for that in large part bring the Justice League into the picture—they want to know what’s happened to Hal, and what this guy thinks he’s doing filling the role of Green Lantern. It’s going to be intense, but also very, very cool.