Good News: Future Nova Sticking Around In Guardians 3000


Last issue of Dan Abnett’s Guardians 3000 saw the introduction of the Nova from the future with Rael Rider, a descendant of the Richard Rider (or Robbie) family.

With Marvel’s recent treatment surrounding Nova being so bad the last few years, some fans speculated Marvel would be killing off the character as to not compete with NINO.

Well the good news is that the character will be sticking around – at least until March – as the solicit for Guardians 3000 #6 mentions “the last Nova.”

We can also take from that since Rael is the last Nova, that NINO bites the big one at some point. More good news.


Cover by ALEX ROSS
VARIANT COVER BY Gerardo Sandoval
• The past isn’t what it used to be… as the Guardians are about to find out at great cost! Even with allies like Star-Lord and the last Nova at their side, can the Guardians meet their greatest challenge ever…. not just guarding the galaxy, but saving the Universe?
• Time-twisting cosmic action and mind-blowing SF adventure!
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99