Going The Distance: Gerald Cooper “Genecy” Kickstarter Campaign



The Cosmic Book News coverage of the “Ride Divine” continues!

Last time, we got to know Gerald Cooper and his Indie cosmic creation, Genecy.

The writer, currently working on getting the second issue completed and published, has begun a Kickstater campaign to help fund Genecy. You can see the video below.

We asked Cooper to give us some details on the campaign, his thoughts on self publishing and more.

Cosmic Book News: How did the “Genecy” campaign for Kickstarter get launched, give a little history behind the effort? And for those not familiar, can you describe just what “Kickstarter” is?

Gerald Cooper: Kickstarter’s a funding platform for a variety of creative projects. Thousands of people pledge millions to projects from the realms of technology, design, food, music, film, art, publishing and other creative fields every month.

Having to pay a penciler, an inker, a colorist, a letterer and to then go to print can be pretty expensive for one guy who has to also pay for a mortgage, and auto loan, who keeps the gas, electricity and water on. Oh yeah, and I’m also a parent [laughs]! I’m not afraid to say that I need help. Nobody can do anything on their own.

$4,000.00 isn’t a lot of money when you have 5,000 friends on Facebook and even more in another Facebook page. We also have over 300 friends on twitter. So when you look at it, if everyone would just donate at least a minimum of just $5.00 we can get this done. From there we’ll apply with Diamond Distributors so we can at last go national. From there the sales should funds the series with no major issues.

Cosmic Book News: Our reviewer was blown away by Genecy #1, but we also know that it was, I think, seven years in the making. How is the timeline going currently for Genecy #2?

Gerald Cooper: Well the timeline should end this year [laughs]! Issue number 2 kind of sets the tone for the series. In the first issue, I slammed you into the timeline so now that you’re in, we start to explain what went on historically.

Starting with the second issue, we’ll have 8 page story shorts called, “The Trials of Tanaan.” These stories will explain what happened to Kaizaxx prior to issue number #1. Think of Conan as a slave on Apokolips!

Cosmic Book News: As an Indie creator and publisher, with “Genecy” you seem to really give it your all. I’ve seen books come across my desk with art and writing not worth the paper they are printed on, yet “Genecy” is right up there with the big two. What made you want to go this route and say, not just get something published just for the sake of getting your name out there?



Gerald Cooper: When I go into a comic shop and look at all the books, I have to ask myself a question, “Why would anyone want to buy my book when they can get any of these?”

I have to compete with what’s out there. The visual quality has to be at least as good as what’s out there if not better. The stories have to be at least as good as what’s out there if not better.

Genecy will be up on the same rack as everyone else’s. You can’t step into the octagon unless you come with the fire. Well, I’m throwing my hat into the fray and do the best that I can for all of the comic fans who pick up the book. There’s a lot of ‘life’ in what we’re doing. InVision Comics has to glow on the comic rack. Every page, every panel … must be a grand and wonderful adventure!

Cosmic Book News: What have you learned from your experience publishing the first issue that you will use for toward the second? Care to share any advice for creators that might want to self-publish?

Gerald Cooper: GET IT DONE! I don’t care how much it hurts! If it’s worth dreaming about then it’s worth doing. Turn the potential into kinetic and don’t let anyone stop you. Not even you.

The first issue is always the most difficult issue to do. I’m not backed up by Time Warner or Disney (at least not yet) so yeah it can take me a while to get this done. To many, it’s about making money. To me – it’s about delivering a message. 

Cosmic Book News:  In our last interview, you mentioned Genecy to be sort of Silver Surfer meets Conan. Seeing how Genecy is a cosmic comic, what are some of your favorite cosmic comics, past and present – or any comics for that matter?
Gerald Cooper: WOW! Let’s see here: “Crisis on Infinite Earths!” The 12 issue maxi series by Marv Wolfman and George Perez by DC. The Thanos Quest is another. “The Death of Captain Marvel.” The X Men/Teen Titans crossover and many more.

Cosmic Book News:  Seeing how the “divine ride” has just begun, do you have a long term story set up?

Gerald Cooper: Oh yeah! There’s so much to reveal for the eyes of the reader. So many left jabs and right hooks to throw at ya! The championship rounds are the best rounds, So I’m in this for the long haul.

Cosmic Book News: Anything you care to add?

Gerald Cooper: Yes! Join me! Come and ride the sea-like wind currents of the ever expanding! Come and experience a theater of amazing wonder and surprise!

It is the reign of InVision Comics! Let the Ride Divine begin!

For more information on “Genecy,” head on over to www.invisioncomics.com.