Godzilla Video Game Launch Trailer


The new Godzilla video game is now available.

Check out the launch trailer above.

You can purchase the game on Amazon as well.

Rampage, Despair, Destruction, Annihilation: this is today’s menu for everyone! Lay waste to cities and destroy everything in your path in Godzilla, releasing today on PS3 and PS4! Meet your foes like the eternal enemies Mothra, King Ghidorah and many others! Let us hear the roar of the King of Monsters! 


In 1954, the waters off the coast of Japan churned to life as a massive, lumbering monster emerged from the deep. Godzilla came ashore and wreaked havoc on the cities and was dubbed the King of the Monsters. During this time, scientists studied the beast and discovered they could harness his energy — called G-Energy. This seeminglyendless source of power was channeled to make the lives of mankind better. However, 60 years later, as the G-Energy has been used to improve civilization, it is causing the beast to awaken. Godzilla is in search of more G-Energy, and as a consequence, he’s destroying at will. What will happen if Godzilla consumes all of the G-Energy? Does mankind stand a chance against the King of the Monsters?

Unleash complete and utter destruction as the most feared monster — Godzilla. Rise from your slumber to smash and bash your way through various stages to take out the Energy Generator. Maximize your G-Energy in each stage by annihilating buildings and structures. Beware as with each edifice you eliminate the Hazard Level rises, and can bring out other legendary monsters to battle. Collect G-Energy in each stage to enhance your Godzilla — grow him from 50 to 100 meters tall, improve his defensive and offensive skills, power-up his heat ray and learn new abilities. Build the scene of your dreams to let the monster loose on with Diorama mode, or put your skills to the test in a time trial of destruction with King of Monsters mode. Enjoy a unique look at the chaos with the movie-style camera angle system, which switches the camera view to presetlocations around the map. Are you ready to lay waste to cities in ways you’ve only imagined?


Become the King of the Monsters, Godzilla, when you awake after 60 years of dormancy

Search for G-Energy — a seemingly endless source of power that channels the beast, while simultaneously helping make people’s lives better

Use your massive size and unbelievable power to smash and bash through more than 20 stages to take out the Energy Generator in Mission mode

Unleash powerful destruction by obliterating as many buildings as possible to maximize your G-Energy, but beware — the more structures you wipe out, the higher the Hazard Level rises — which can cause other iconic monsters to battle

Play as the classic Godzilla or the 2014 Hollywood version, and battle against a monstrous cast of legendary beasts

Choose to view the action with the special movie-style camera angle system that switches the camera to preset locations on the map and allows you to jump to the camera points and control Godzilla just like in the movies

Grow Godzilla from 50 to 100 meters tall by collecting G-Energy in each stage to power-up the monster, and learn new skills, power-up his heat ray and increase his defensive and offensive skills as well

Construct the Godzilla scene that you’ve always imagined in Diorama mode

Put your skills to the test in a time trial of chaos in King of Monsters mode

For 1 player offline; for 1 to 2 players online