God Of War 4 Kratos Art Leaks Online


god of war 4 kratos leaks

Following the leaked art and details for Mass Effect: Andromeda, now reported art for God of War 4 featuring Kratos has leaked online.

Details for the new God Of War 4 game include it will have a Norse setting and that Kratos will feature a beard. It’s also previously been said the game has been in development since at least 2014, that it’s not a prequel, and the latest is that the God Of War 4 game may take advantage of the more powerful PS4.5.

Users on the NeoGAF forums manged to post a batch of images.

Other details on God Of War 4 include: 

– Kratos will visit Alfheim, “Land Of The Fairies”, one of the Nine Worlds and home of the Light Elves (concepts show the Wall and the Temple Door);
– Kratos will be in one or more prison;
– Kratos has an Axe, with wich he can cut vines and create bridges/walkways;
– The surrounding environment could interact with the character (if Kratos brushes-up against the vines, they expell visible spores).

The forum also notes a God of War 4 cinematic trailer is expected soon per previous leaked info.