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Green Lantern Movie Set Preview and Concept Art

Green Lantern Movie Set Preview and Concept Art


Our friends at CBR visited the set of the Green Lantern Movie and put up some concept art of Oa.

In August they met with Production Desiger Grant Major (Lord of the Rings) who took them on a tour of the art department which featured lots of artwork including images of Oa, and “the training of Green Lantern Hal Jordan.” Also featured was a scale model of the Green Lantern Power Battery. In addition, Major described the “philosophy behind the green energy and the nature of a Lantern constructs” and also on developing the GL Corp characters, such as Kilowog, into their digial counterparts.


Regarding the images, Major had this to say:

“What we’ve tried to do is introduce a sort of plethora of a lot of different types of architectural styles and a feeling that over the millennia, there’s just been building on building on building and this whole sort of huge history of culture.”

Head on over to CBR to read more!

The Green Lantern Movie opens in theaters June 17th, 2011!

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