Green Lantern Movie Ring Revealed Along With Marketing Plans


[[wysiwyg_imageupload:182:]]After months of speculation as to what it might look like, Warner Brothers finally released an image which contains a close up shot of the Green Lantern Power Ring to be used in the up coming Green Lantern movie. The image originally posted on was part of an article speaking about the marketing plans for WB concerning GL. Here is an excerpt:

“Warner Bros. wants Green Lantern to make just as much green for the studio as Batman or Superman. But first it needs to make the character popular with the public.The studio’s consumer products division plans to unleash a major merchandising effort around DC Comics’ power ring-wearing space cop next year that includes everything from T-shirts to toys.

But the fate of those products hinges on the perf of the “Green Lantern” movie, which bows June 17, 2011. It stars Ryan Reynolds and is helmed by Martin Campbell, who has experience in franchise relaunches as the helmer of “Golden Eye,” which intro’d Pierce Brosnan as 007, and “Casino Royale,” which did the same for Daniel Craig.

If “Green Lantern” clicks, it will undoubtedly be a big boon to the character’s merchandise and bottomline of Warner Bros.’ consumer products arm, which already generates $6 billion a year in sales. That’s mostly thanks to Superman and Batman.

The movie is the engine that drives sales of not only the merchandise, but also the vidgame and a new animated series, for example, that will help turn Green Lantern into a truly evergreen franchise for the company.

The studio wants Green Lantern to grab a piece of the $5.4 billion that’s generated from licensed toy sales each year, according to NPD Group. Roughly 25% of all toy sales are tied to entertainment properties.”

From the article, previous things posted online and in Hollywood trades over the last couple of weeks we can expect a slew of Green Lantern products. 

“Specifically, the character will be backed by action figures, vehicles, playsets, games, puzzles from Mattel, as the exclusive toymaker, with products involving its Hot Wheels, Tyco R/C and UNO brands. Other companies will produce apparel, videogames and collectibles,”  again from

More than 100 licensing deals have already been inked in the US alone with more to come worldwide, most likely.

Green Lantern Hits in November of 2011 and I can’t wait.


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