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Ghost Busters 3 Expected To Begin Filming Summer 2013

Ghost Busters 3 Expected To Begin Filming Summer 2013


Within the last month or so, news for Ghost Busters 3 has really picked up.

Word surfaced that the film would more or less be a reboot, which would see the original Ghostbusters that do decide to return (hint: everybody minus Bill Murray) pass the torch to a new group that would go on to carry the franchise.

Now we actually get news about when filming will begin on Ghostbusters 3.

Director Ivan Reitman happens to be attached to Kevin Costner’s new pro-football movie, Draft Day, one that happens to have the blessing of the NFL, and one that happens to see Costner as the GM of the Buffalo Bills (where the home offices of Cosmic Book News are located). However, it appears as if there may be some scheduling conflicts as Deadline notes both Reitman and Costner are really busy.

Costner is busy filming the new Jack Ryan movie with Star Trek‘s Chris Pine, and according to Deadline, Ivan Reitman is set to begin filming Ghostbusters 3 next summer.

Our local news did report that apparently Reitman is interested in filming Draft Day beginning in April, which would give him only a few months before Ghostbusters 3; however, Deadline does note the short window of opportunity and the difficulty in timing, with mention of Paramount possibly deciding on doing Draft Day after Ghostbusters 3, as well as Costner’s next movie, Three Days To Kill.

So Ghostbusters 3 filming in 2013 looks to be a go.