George Romero’s Empire of The Dead Announced For Marvel Comics


George Romero’s new Marvel zombie comic book has finally become known, and it’s Empire of the Dead, which will be hitting NYC!

Romero offered the following to USA Today:

“It’s basically Chicago or Detroit. The city isn’t destroyed, but it’s just running on its engine, corrupt and no holds barred. It’s a little bit like the Old West,” says Romero, a lifelong fan of comics.

“That’s what I’m talking about now. There’s hardly any morality anywhere, except of course for our heroes.

Update: Empire of the Dead is a new 15-issue series coming out in January based on a 300-page screenplay by Romero with art by Alex Maleev. More will be announced at the upcoming NYCC with it said there will be a major twist.

Further details:

It’s still the major metropolis everybody knows but a few years into its zombie apocalypse. Some things have reverted to a prior state — there are sheep grazing in Central Park’s Sheep Meadow. Yet there are strong social and political elements: The mayor is one of the main characters and a female member of the living dead starts to show some real smarts 

Alex Maleev cover: