Geoff Johns Wants An Aquaman Movie: Deep Sea Threats Great To See



Today seems to be the day when fans will find out about the future of the DC cinematic universe as an announcement is exected at Comic-Con.

There has already been rumors of a Batman Reboot and Justice League movie being announced, with Man of Steel 2 a strong possibility as well due to Henry Cavill and Zack Snyder being in attendance.

How about Aquaman?

DC Comics Aquman writer and Chief Creative Officer, Geoff Johns, is asked just that by MTV.

“I’d love to see an Aquaman movie. I think he’s a terrific character. People know him. The world is amazing,” Johns told MTV. “Working with Ivan Reis on Aquaman [comicbook] and later Paul Pelletier, the visuals are exciting. The characters are exciting. There are creatures. Ninety percent of the oceans have never been seen by human eyes. Most of our threats come from space, but I also think that having threats come from the deep sea would be great to see.”