Geoff Johns Reveals Trinity War & Forever Evil Spoilers



DC Comics is doing something different as of late regarding their big events; they are actually telling people what is to come instead of keeping them guessing.

The latest is regarding Forever Evil, the event that launches DC’s Villains Month this September.

Geoff Johns spoke with IGN and let loose a batch of spoilery details:

The world thinks the Justice League is dead.

Secret Society of Super Villains hasn’t been in control.

Revealed as the big bads is the Justice League’s Earth 3 counterparts – the Crime Syndicate!

Ultraman, Superwoman, Owlman, Johnny Quick, Power Ring, and Deathstorm will start off as the members of the Crime Syndicate.

Ultraman will be the “uber villain.”

Johns says “evil is relative” and states not all the regular villains of the DCU will be happy with the Crime Syndicate.

Lex Luthor will be the series protagonist who forms his own Justice League team.

A Batman will be on the team, though Johns hints it may very well not be Bruce Wayne.

As both sides are considered villains, how each handles justice will vary as they don’t follow laws like the real Justice League.

“The Crime Syndicate will make some of our villains look like good guys. And then vice versa,” said Johns.