Geoff Johns on more Green Lantern movies, Flash movie, and first new Justice League issue


picGeoff Johns, Chief Creative Officer at DC Comics, writer on the Green Lantern comic books and also co-producer on the movie, recently spoke with Fast Company.

Among the highlights, Johns mentioned the recently premiered GL movie and also the DC Relaunch of the new Justice League #1, that teams him with DC Comics co-publisher Jim Lee.

Johns says that the movie borrows from his 2008 Green Lantern: Secret Origins comic book, and when asked about a trilogy being planned, replies that he hopes for more – and mentions The Flash.

“There are definitely plans for more Green Lantern films. I would hope it’s more than a trilogy. I think Green Lantern has a lot of movies in it, a lot of stories to tell. The Flash, which I wrote the treatment for, is also in development, but I can’t say much more than that.”

Johns is also asked about the DC Relaunch, specifically on Justice League, with Johns stating he wants it to be highly accessible to new readers.

“The one thing I’m trying to do with Justice League is to really make it accessible, so that anybody can pick up that first issue and understand it. Anybody.”

He also gives us a clue as to what the first issue is about and more.

“Batman and Green Lantern are the focus of the first issue, and they’re exact opposite characters. Batman hides in the shadows, uses fear as a weapon, and is really grounded, while Green Lantern is this big, glowing green guy who can overcome fear and doesn’t hide himself. They shouldn’t work together. That’s the point of the book. [Johns reveals a page of Lee’s beautifully rendered pencil layouts of a glowing Green Lantern descending upon an annoyed Batman looking up from the pavement.] This is the first time they ever meet.” 

Johns also talks about owning his own comic shop; about his duties as Chief Creative Officer, and whether or not the DC Relaunch affects any other media outside comics. Head on over to Fast Company for the full interview.

Hmmm…interesting statement “this is the first time they ever meet.”


The Green Lantern movie is in theaters now; be sure to look for Justice League #1 on sale August 31st, 2011!