Geoff Johns Leaves Aquaman



With DC Comics releasing their December 2013 solicits we have word of another creative change; this time with Geoff Johns leaving Aquaman.

Earlier it became known that Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato are off The Flash.

The December solicits reveal Jeff Parker as the new writer beginning with Aquaman #26; Paul Pelletier will remain as the series artist.

Geoff Johns confirmed the news on Twitter, mentioning that his last issue will be November’s Aquaman #25, and that an announcement about his next project will be coming soon.

“It was not an easy decision to make, but I will conclude my run on AQUAMAN with issue 25! Thank you all for making Arthur and Mera into the A-List heroes they are — they wouldn’t have risen up the ranks without you, Ivan [Reis], Joe Prado and my other amazing collaborators on the King of the Seven Seas. We still have big plans for Aq and Mera in Justice League along with Orm and Black Manta, who will soon be fighting side-by-side w/Captain Cold in Forever Evil. Thank you again for reading and believing that Aquaman is more than a guy who talks to fish — he is all that, plus one of the most regal, powerful heroes in the DC Universe.