Review: Fury MAX #9


Nick Fury and Frank Castle (The Punisher) have to fight their way out of a prison cell in Laos before the whole compound is bombed to ashes. Fury gets a chance to face down the man who disgraced him, and a chance to destroy a document that could change the direction of the Vietnam War.

Garth Ennis was born to write war stories. You can tell on each page that he has a deep admiration for history and the characters that he’s writing. Fury and Castle (which is a great name for a TV show by the way) make a deadly pair that understands the necessary hell that comes with warfare. There’s a particularly chilling sniping sequence with Castle that sums up his whole attitude on combat.

Goran Parlov has a very unique style. The closest thing that it could be compared to is a fusion between Darwyn Cooke’s cartooning and Francesco Francavilla’s tone. The panels are laid out dramatically and the pacing is spot on. The end of the issue leaves the reader wanting more of Fury and his scruffy, eye-patched face through Parlov’s lens.

This is one of those comic book series that not enough people talk about. I thought about featuring it in an “Alternative Comics Beat” column, but since it includes The Punisher I decided against it. We rarely get to see characters like these in setting like the Vietnam War. Fury has never been more in his element, and it only benefits this title that Ennis is using to explore his motivations. If you’re a Nick Fury fan, or a fan of war comics, this is a book you don’t want to miss.

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