Freddy Vs. Jason 2, More Friday The 13th Movies, TV Series & Video Games Hopefully Coming Soon



If things go the way director Sean Cunningham wants, that would mean a Freddy Vs. Jason 2 movie, more films for Friday the 13th, a TV series described similar to a Smallville, and video games as well.

Yesterday being Friday the 13th, Cunningham spoke with Fear Net offering updates on the popular horror franchise.

On a potential Freddy Vs. Jason 2:

I think the chances are good, for a couple of reasons, but I think it will ultimately be a marketing concept. Right now, I think the audience would have to start getting bored with the Friday… movie by itself or the Freddy movie by itself. I don’t think it’s going to happen in the next short period of time. Conceivably in five years.

Paramount recently acquired the rights to Friday the 13th in a deal with Warner Bros. over the distributing rights for Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar, and now Cunningham says a new Friday the 13th looks to hit in 2015 featuring a new story.

I do. There will be another Friday the 13th, which will probably get shot in the spring. If it all goes as I would like, it would then be released at the beginning of 2015. 

It won’t be a continuation of that story, though. It’ll be a fresh story.

Cunningham continues with mention of the “Friday the 13th: Crystal Lake Chronicles,” TV series, that he compares to Smallville, and it may be released through the web or alternative routes. He also has an idea for a cool video game.

I think there will also be Friday the 13th: Crystal Lake Chronicles, which is sort of a Smallville. We’ve been on-again off-again with that for years and there are a bunch of great stories to be told, but I think the way that it’s finally going to get delivered is not through a conventional television network, but through the Internet. I can’t tell you who the delivery people will be, but it won’t be the traditional route. There’s also the possibility of webisodes, and I think we even have an idea for a terrific Friday the 13th video game.

Friday the 13th: The Complete Collection” Blu-Ray is now available.