Fox Dumps Locke & Key, Breaking In, Human Target and more


picWow, I’m surprised by this news.

Fox has passed on the tv adaption of Joe Hill’s (son of Stephen King) graphic novel Locke & Key. The first episode was said to be pretty good, but the chances of getting picked up were little more than even – with sources at Fox telling Bleeding Cool they don’t think this is the kind of show that will be a big hit these days. Too bad, as it was also said to be really faithful to the comics. Their loss.

Note: Locke & Key may not be totally dead as it seems to be shopping elsewhere for a network.

Fox canceled Breaking In – which starred Christian Slater and also Michael Rosenbaum (Lex on Smallville). Initially, it was said that Rosenbaum might be too busy with Breaking In to reprise his role as Lex; guess we now know why he may have (most likely that was for the current season, but still…).

Human Target was also canceled which was based off of the comic from DC. That lasted two seasons.

The Chicago Code, Traffic Light and Lie To Me also got the axe with a bunch of new pilots.

Fox did add a few shows including “Alcatraz” from J.J. Abrams and “The Finder” – a Bones spinoff.

Source: THR