Fox Cancels Terra Nova; Being Shopped Around


[[wysiwyg_imageupload:795:]]The new sci-fi show that premiered last year on Fox, Terra Nova, has been canceled by the network, with Deadline reporting the show is now being shopped around to other networks.

Terra Nova starred Jason O’Mara and Stephen Lang and saw a group of inhabitants escape back into the Jurassic era past looking for a better world.

Apparently Fox was on the fence regarding green lighting a second season as the show didn’t do all the bad ratings-wise, plus it did have big names attached, with Steven Spielberg on as an executive producer.

However, it appears as if Fox didn’t feel the show was going anywhere and decided against another season.

Now, Deadline states 20 Century is shopping the show to other networks.

For me, this doesn’t come as a big surprise as, overall, I thought it to be pretty bad. Just my opinion of course.