Flashpoint Friday: Map of the World of FP


picDC Blog The Source provided a map of the world of Flashpoint giving us further clues to the happenings of this new world.

Check out Alaska!


Here’s the info they released:

The United Kingdom? That’s now New Themsycira, home base to the Amazons.

Pirate Trade Routes? You’ll see those explored in FLASHPOINT issue 2 and FLASHPOINT: DEATHSTROKE AND THE CURSE OF THE RAVAGER.

Euro-Refugee Camps? A Nazi occupied Brazil? A World Without the World’s Greatest Superheroes certainly turned out differently.

Update: The Source released some images from “World of Flashpoint” including an interview with Rex Ogle.

pic pic pic

Update: From the one shot: Flashpoint: Grodd Of War:

pic pic

Update: From Flashpoint: Frankestein And The Creatures Of The Unknown:

pic pic