Flash Vs. Arrow Suffers Glitch At Conclusion



Tonight saw the first part of The Flash Vs. Arrow.

Spoilers follow.

The episode featured Ray Bivolo, a.k.a The Rainbow Raider, as the big bad metahuman that could make people angry and crazy with a mere gaze.

Well, The Flash couldn’t handle Bivolo on his own, so he teamed up with Arrow, who happened to be in town investigating a murder committed in Starling City with a Boomerang that apparently has its origins in Central City.

Long story short, after The Flash and Arrow settle their differences, they team up together to take down Bivolo.

The only problem is that the audience didn’t go to see that as apparently a glitch caused the scene where The Flash and Arrow do take down Bivolo to get skipped over.

The glitch did happen to me as I watched the episode on my Direct TV DVR.

It also happened to a lot of other people as the official CW Arrow and The Flash Facebook page is lit up with similar complaints.

What happened is when the episode went to commercial it paused and came back to a dark blank screen followed by Cisco talking – but no audio – followed by Caitlin talking, with Bivolo apparently locked up.

A spot for Supernatural was shown, and then the screen froze, which led immediately into The Flash Vs. Arrow – seemingly already in progress.

I’m guessing the spot for Supernatural may have mistakenly been played – as including the Supernatural spot, the frozen footage and the blank screen – that would have been enough time to show The Flash and Arrow taking down Bivolo.

Update: Some online recaps are stating no footage of The Flash and Arrow taking down Bivolo was shown; so it’s possible not much was actually missed.

Check out the glitch for yourself: