The Flash Mid-Season Finale Suffers TV Issues Again



For the second week in a row, an episode of The Flash has a glitch that has interfered with viewing the latest episode.

Last time during the first part of The Flash Vs. Arrow part 1, the feed froze and then picked up right where it left off.

This time, DVR viewers may find the mid-season finale may not have been recorded.

The reason is because two additional minutes were added on to the episode, which makes the episode run into the 9pm ET timeslot.

If you have a DVR (like me) that can only record two series at one time, depending on your series settings (at least Direct TV), the episode will not record.

For instance, if you have Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD set to record at 9pm in addition to another show at the same time, the Direct TV DVR did not record The Flash.

I came home tonight to see the record logo on the DVR with a red slash signifying it wasn’t being recorded.

For future reference, to fix the problem, you need to set The Flash at the top of the list in your series recording queue.

The good news is that the CW eventually puts the episodes online to watch.

I supposed the lesson learned is to watch The Flash live.