Five Reasons You Should Be Buying DC Comics’ Stormwatch


Stormwatch is a highly addictive cosmic saga that began after Flashpoint to bring the WildStorm and DC universes together. Shunning roles as “superheroes,” these super-powered individuals covertly protect the Earth from alien menaces, a job they have been doing for centuries, it seems.

Why should you be reading Stormwatch, a part of the New 52? Glad ya asked!


stormwatch #75. No Marvel Cosmic

With a lack of cosmic activity in the 616, this new entry into the DCU offers teamwork, old beloved cosmic characters (Martian Manhunter) and new (Eminence of Swords) and the complexity of storyline and continuity we used to see in Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning’s Guardians of the Galaxy. Doubt my word? Hang on for two issues and then let me hear from you, GotG “hiatus” watchers. Miguel Sepulveda from hit series and top selling HC, The Thanos Imperative, is even the artist!

4. Amazing, if not somewhat strange, powers

We have a Superman (Apollo) and a Batman (Midnighter), but we also have some amazingly powered beings, including a cutie that can control the media and a 14-year-old who could possibly destroy the universe. I mean, we have a man who talks to cities, for God sake. Cities!

3. An out-of-this world base of operations

Even though it seemingly exploded in the most recent issue as of this writing (Stormwatch #5), the team has the most fantastic HQ since that funky living garden in Generation X! We are just now beginning to see the secrets of this place and find out more about it as the team jostles and re-establishes their roster.

2. A New Beginning –NOT!

With writer Paul Cornell leaving the property after issue #6, “fill-in” writer Paul Jenkins (Spider-Man and The Inhumans for Marvel, DC Universe Presents and Batman: The Dark Knight for DC) has expressed an enthusiasm to stay on board the cosmically crazy book Stormwatch and guide it for awhile, a wish that we hope sees fruition! In a Newsarama interview, Jenkins even says he will stick with what we have now and add to it rather than a savage rug-shake after only six issues! “I think that what Paul Cornell has done has been cool and interesting,” Jenkins said. “And I’m not the kind of person who feels like I have to now stamp myself on it by changing it. Why not come on board and keep the continuity of what’s been established already and just work with it? That’s just as valid and interesting, I think.” I concur, sir!

1. It’s COSMIC!!!!!!