First Look At King Shark In The Flash & New Details



Spoilers follow for tonight’s episode of The Flash


Update: Watch King Shark in action.


Previously teased at in a promo and hinted at early in tonight’s episode, the conclusion of The Flash saw Barry attacked by none other than King Shark!

Twitter is currently a buzz about the brief appearance, and now we learn some details on the Suicide Squad villain’s inclusion in the episode.

The CW pre-screened the episode for various sites where EP Andrew Kreisberg noted King Shark actually first appeared in one of the Flash tie-in comics, and they assumed that they wouldn’t get to use King Shark; however, Flash writer Todd Helbing said to go ahead and do it. Kreisberg mentioned it was a very expensive 30 seconds, and that they wouldn’t be able to do a full King Shark episode because of the costs involved. Kreisberg also confirmed that this King Shark was from Earth-2 (sent by Zoom) — which means an Earth-1 King Shark is still out there.

Via IGN:

A hugely entertaining moment in “The Fury of Firestorm” is when Barry is confronted by King Shark, a villain from the comics. Kreisberg noted they’d actually included the character in one of the Flash TV show tie-in comics, because they assumed when it came to the show, “No one’s going to let us do this.”

He then explained, “Since we knew we weren’t going to be using the [Suicide] Squad anymore and we were talking about it, it was really [Flash writer] Todd Helbing who was just like, ‘Yeah, let’s do it!’ It was a very expensive 30 seconds in the show. But our visual effects team are the best and they really love challenges like this. Armen Kevorkian, who’s the head of our team, got really excited, and it was probably the thing he sent me the most, like, ‘Check it out! Here’s how it’s coming!’ And I literally can’t believe that. That’s beyond feature quality and they realized it so well. Obviously we can’t afford to do an entire killer King Shark episode.” However, since the King Shark who confronted Barry was sent by Zoom, Kreisberg said, “That does mean there is King Shark in Earth-1.”