First Look At Erica Durance As Wonder Woman on NBC’s ‘Harry’s Law’


Back in mid-November we reported that Smallville‘s Erica Durance would be playing a less than psychologically sound woman who dresses as Wonder Woman on the NBC drama, Harry’s Law.

With the the episode due to air January 11th, Durance spoke with TV Guide on playing the iconic character, and we get a full look at Durance – in full costume this time!

Regarding playing Wonder Woman in the episode, Durance had the following to say. Head on over to the original interview for more, including thoughts on Smallville.


Of sorts” is the best way to put it and it’s probably the best way to play it because you get to have a little bit of freedom and you’re not judged quite so harshly. The way that I was able to work with the character Wonder Woman in this is through the eyes of a woman who desperately needed a strong female archetype to look up to, and she had gone through such terrible things and this was her alter ego. I would challenge anybody who said that she didn’t think she was Wonder Woman. This is how she found her way out. 
So, as an actress, getting to put on the suit and play Wonder Woman was fantastic and then I got this whole other layer because of the way David E. Kelley had written it, to ground it in this kind of humanistic viewpoint, which was lovely.

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