First Look At Darwyn Cooke’s Minutemen (Before Watchmen)


Check out a first look at Darwyn Cooke’s Minutemen, one of the seven prequel comic books as part of DC Comics’ new Before Watchmen series.

DC execs Dan Didio and Jim Lee also made comments to FastCoCreate about the decision to go ahead with the controversial (to some) project, with Lee offering the most opinionated.

“One of the key characteristics of the comic book medium is that it is not brought to life by just one voice,” adds Lee. “These universes are developed and evolved by multiple creative voices, over multiple generations. The influx of new stories is essential to keeping the universes relevant, current, and alive. Watchmen is a cornerstone of both DC Comics’ publishing history and its future. As a publisher, we’d be remiss not to expand upon and explore these characters and their stories. We’re committed to being an industry leader, which means making bold creative moves.”

Before Watchmen begins this Summer.